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To our prospective members:
   Thank you for considering Sunshine Vitality Corp. as the source of your medical cannabis needs. We believe in your right to safe access to medication that will help you feel better. Although there are many different medical marijuana collectives available to join, we pride ourselves on being a model collective, serving the multiple goals of providing high-quality medicine to our members at reasonable prices through a convenient and professional delivery manner, while operating in a way intended to maximize the safety and legal security of Sunshine Vitality Corp. and its members. Thus, it is the policy, purpose and intention of Sunshine Vitality Corp. (the "Collective") to act at all times within the scope of California State Law governing medical marijuana, including Prop. 215 (also known as the "Compassionate Use Act" or "CUA"), Senate Bill 420 (also known as the "Medical Marijuana Program Act" or "MMPA"), and consistent with the California Attorney General Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use (August 2008).
The Collective has and will continue to consult with legal counsel to ensure its conduct and the conduct of its members related to the Collective is in compliance with these legal provisions. If you wish to be part of a collective that operates as a model in terms of legal compliance, you have come to the right place. To aid you in better understanding the CUA and MMPA, and to help ensure that the medicine cultivated and distributed by the Collective and its members enjoys the fullest protection available under California State Law, we ask that you review and agree to the Collective's Rules, Conditions and Representations governing membership in the Collective, a copy of which will be provided to you to sign before your medication can be delivered.
Membership Rules:
  • Membership with Sunshine Vitality “Collective” shall be open to any patient or primary caregiver, with a valid Medical Marijuana Recommendation issued by a licensed Physician in good standing. Your membership is valid until your letter of recommendation expires, or one (1) year after the issue date if there is no expiration date indicated. Membership is “at will” and may be terminated by you or the Collective at anytime.
  •    No person shall receive any medical marijuana from the Collective until they are approved as members.

  •    Membership shall be terminated if it is discovered after admission of membership that a member(s) is no longer in compliance with any condition of membership, such as the validity of physician recommendation, or that a member obtained a physician's recommendation or membership in the Collective under false pretenses or based on false information.

  •    All medical marijuana distributed by the Collective must be cultivated by a member of the Collective (except in certain limited circumstances as set forth in the bylaws). 

  •    Solicitation of any business from any other member, including the sale or purchase of marijuana to or from another member is prohibited.

  •    Violating any laws relating to possession, cultivation, possession for sale, transportation and/or sale of marijuana, in violation of CA. Health and Safety Code 11357, 11358, 11359, & 11360 is prohibited. 

  •    Undertaking any action or conduct that endangers the legal defenses and immunities enjoyed by the Collective or any other Collective members under the Compassionate Use Act or the Medical Marijuana Program Act (CA. Health & Safety Code 11362.5 is prohibited.


Responsibility of Members:


  •     Persons under the age of eighteen (18) shall not be allowed as members of the Collective unless they are a qualified patient, they are in the presence of their parent or legal guardian, and they have written parental permission to be present.

  •     Prior to dispensing Medical Cannabis, the Collective shall verify from the recommending physician that the individual requesting Medical Cannabis is a qualified patient. Patients and caregivers must have the original copy of your doctor’s recommendation and a valid California ID, California Drivers License, or State Issued Medical Identification Card at the time of registration and for continued access to the Collective. It may take up to one business day to verify your recommendation, depending on the responsiveness of your physician, although usually verification takes only minutes.

  •     Members shall be responsible for updating membership information for the Collective’s records, and to abide by all policies adopted by the Collective.

Rules and Code of Conduct:
  •     You should treat everyone in the Collective with respect. You may lose your membership if you use offensive or abusive    language or behavior with other members of the Collective.

  •     You may never sell or otherwise distribute the medication you obtain from the Collective. It is illegal and you will be permanently excluded from the membership.

  •     The Collective reserves the right to refuse service, or revoke membership of anyone who violates the rules of the Collective. 

  •     The Collective reserves the right to deny membership to any person for any reason whatsoever.


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